American Treasures


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American Treasures emphasizes the American ideals of freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of education, preservation of our environment, and conservation of our cultural heritage. Recorded by The United States Air Force Band, this album is comprised of a series of works that are musical symbols of America and represent some of the most significant compositions for band since the mid-20th century. Known as America's International Musical Ambassadors, the United States Air Force Band's mission is to represent the excellence and professionalism of our Armed Forces through music. This album, which includes songs like American Hymn and Fiesta del Pacifico, honors the roots of the American spirit and character. Led on this album by Colonel Dennis M. Layendecker, The United States Air Force Band plays beautifully on each piece on American Treasures, making it an album that is exciting, brilliant, and full of American optimism.

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