Esprit De Corps


$ 16.99

Music has been a part of military functions for thousands of years. From the time that it was used to incite or distract the enemy to the concert halls and ceremonies of today, the primary role of ceremonial music has not changed: to promote pride, devotion to duty and esprit de corps. This album, performed by The United States Air Force Concert Band, Ceremonial Brass, and Singing Sergeants, is comprised of a collection of fanfares, honors, marches, hymns, military songs and bugle calls. Each track of Esprit De Corps was recorded with the intention of providing appropriate, dignified music for military ceremonies when a band is otherwise unavailable. Specific selections are included for a retirement ceremony, parade, retreat ceremony and a military funeral. Led by Colonel Lowell E. Graham, The United States Air Force Concert Band plays with distinction on each selection, making Esprit de Corps a memorable, distinguished album.

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