Fireworks for Brass and Organ


$ 16.99

The United States Air Force Academy Band Stellar Brass combines percussion instruments with a traditional brass quintet to create an original and innovative musical ensemble. The repertoire of the ensemble is broad and eclectic, including music from the Renaissance, American folk songs and dances, Latin styles, orchestral transcriptions, and Dixieland jazz. This album, Fireworks for Brass and Organ, contains different pieces and movements that specifically showcase the brass section as well as the organ. Stellar Brass performs each piece beautifully, showcasing the intricate details of every note. Works on the album include Dance to the Spirits of Fire, Turkish Rondo, and This Is My Country. Lt. Colonel Steven Grimo leads Stellar Brass on this album. As truly one of the most popular and outstanding ensembles of its kind in North America, Stellar Brass shows off some of its best work on Fireworks for Brass and Organ.

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