Merrie England


$ 16.99

The title Merrie England nicely brings together the themes of this album, the traditional music of England and the music of one of its great composers, Sir Edward German, a rival to Arthur Sullivan in English light opera. The title track includes selections from German’s operetta of the same name. Music from his operettas A Princess of Kensington and Tom Jones also make appearances. The album contains a variety of medleys, touring traditional tunes from several facets of English culture: the Savoy Hunting Medley with the horn calls of foxhunting (including “A Hunting We Will Go” and “John Peel”), Eton Memories honouring one of England’s venerable educational institutions (including “Rule, Britannia!” and “The Reign of Reigns”), Songs of the Sea in tribute to the Royal Navy (including “Admiral Benbow” and “Farewell You Spanish Ladies”), and The Rose of the Tudor line (including “The Lass of Richmond Hill”, “Old Towler”, and “The Farmer’s Boy”). Other highlights include the Post Horn Galop, one of the most famous solos written for the instrument, and excerpts from The Beggar’s Opera, John Gay’s eclectic and important Baroque opera. All recordings restored and remastered by Metropolis Mastering from 78 RPM records.

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