Liberty for All, Volume 1


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Brought to you by Altissimo! Recordigns and MENC, the National Association for Music Education, these live musical performances by The "President's Own" United States Marine Band are a musical journey tracing America's history from the Revolutionary War through the twentieth century. This award winning compilation includes Celebrity Narration by: General Tommy Franks, actor Gary Sinise, as well as recording artists Amy Grant, Chely Wright, and Richard Marx.

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MENC Member Reviews: (from the MENC website)I believe the CD-ROM will be a valuable resource to many of the MENC membership. General music teachers at every level can easily incorporate this product into the classroom. Band directors will also find the historical information helpful, but additionally have an outstanding performance model (in the form of the United States Marine Band) for their students."
-- Robert Mainhart

"As an elementary teacher, I can see using this with all grades, connecting it to their social studies curriculum, particularly with grades 4 - 6."
-- Maria Schwab

"This CD is very well done. It is easy to navigate and it addresses several national music standards. Great CD for classroom and music teachers."
-- Denese Odegaard

"[T]he selections will be useful in the vocal-general, general music, choral, and instrumental settings. They certainly would be useful to classroom teachers as well since they correlate with historic happenings and can be used as a supplement to further study. I especially liked the selections, the quality of the recording and interpretation, and the fact that they were recorded by a service band."
-- Marcus Neiman

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