Overtures and Finales


$ 16.99

The selections on this recording have been part of standard United States Navy Band repertoire throughout its history, and they continue to be loved and enjoyed today. Considered to be old masterpieces, Overtures and Finales features some of the classic orchestral transcriptions for concert band. Recorded by the United States Navy Band and led by Captain Ralph M. Gambone, this album is a virtual history lesson in the realm of great music. The album includes such wonderful works as Carnival Overture, Zampa Overture and The Barber of Seville Overture. Although these works are lovingly referred to as "old war horses", both listeners and performers regard them as some of the most well written pieces of music. Audiences today enjoy overtures due to their native charm and familiarity, and Overtures and Finales is an explicit devotion to this sentiment.

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