American Spirit


$ 16.99

American Spirit allows its listeners to be inspired, to reminisce, and to enjoy every second of the delightful music present on this patriotic album by the United States Army Ceremonial Band. Meant to capture the essence of an Army ceremony, these songs are perfect for events where a band is unavailable. The album, which features thirty-two different tracks, is divided into five movements. The first, Fanfares, are played to open or close ceremonies performed at the White House by the world renowned U.S. Army Herald Trumpets. The Marches serve the purpose of generating a sense of patriotism and are traditionally used to move soldiers to the ready line or for marching in review. The movement titled Country and Service includes tracks like This is My Country, used for an inspection march, and Army Blue, which can be used during a retirement ceremony. Both Bugle Calls and Honors fulfill most of the other requirements for ceremonial music. Now you can enjoy all these great songs at home, and with so many songs ready to go, planning your next event will be a cinch!

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