Day is Done


$ 16.99

Taps is a musical piece sounded by the U.S. military nightly to indicate that it is“lights out”. The tune is also sometimes known by the lyrics of its second verse,“Day is Done”. It was during July 1862 during the Civil War when our present form of “ Taps” was newly arranged and also first played at a military funeral at Harrison’s Landing, Virginia. This CD features a variety of the bugle call Taps, related bugle calls, and more, with performances by renowned trumpeters and buglers. Tracks include: The Call Has Come • Tone Poem on Taps • Honoring Our Veterans for Brass Quintet with Band • Taps For the Fallen Brave • The Bugler’s Lament • Taps-with orchestration•Taps-Eternal Father • Tenting Tonight with Taps • 1835 Scott Tattoo • Lights Out March • Taps in unison • and more.

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