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The title track of this album, Seawolf March, is a rousing and fitting tribute to U.S.S. Seawolf, the first of a new breed of submarines, past and present, who have been on station or under the sea for one hundred years. The entire album reflects the exhilaration of being at sea in service to the United States of America. Recorded by The United States Navy Band, the selections on Seawolf represent some of the finest concert band repertoire performed by the Navy's most outstanding, talented musicians. Songs on the album include many poignant, stirring pieces like Vienna Philharmonic Fanfare, Hammersmith, Op. 52 and Folk Dances. All of the songs on Seawolf relate to the sea, travel, sacrifice and love of country to reflect the heritage of the United States Navy, as it is today and the vision for tomorrow. Directed by Lieutenant Commander John R. Pastin, Seawolf is truly a timeless expression of patriotism to future generations.

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