Humoresques & Descriptive Vignettes: Our Band Heritage, Vol. 29


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While deservedly known as America’s “March King,” Sousa was also an accomplished composer of operettas, descriptive pieces, songs, humoresques, waltzes, and other dance forms. The incredible success of the Sousa band was in no small part due to the fact that Sousa was also a master showman. He was able to read the musical tastes of his audiences, and he provided what they wanted, which frequently included an unabashed touch of humor and descriptive selections. A brilliant arranger, Sousa developed his humoresques with the use of clever variations on a well know melody or a series of songs with a common theme. His humoresques also frequently showcase various soloists or sections of instruments, in addition to humorous sound effects. We hope that you enjoy this collection of seldom heard Sousa.