Band of the Grenadier Guards: Hands Across the Sea - Sousa Marches


$ 16.99

In this colorful performance, the 50-strong Band of the Grenadier Guards pays tribute to America’s master of the military march, John Phillip Sousa. This stirring CD contains 25 famous marches including: Hands Across The Sea • Imperial Edward March • The Thunderer • The Belle Of Chicago • The Invincible Eagle • The White Plume March • The Fairest Of The Fair • From Maine To Oregon March • The Gladiator March • The Dauntless Battalion • The Washington Post • The Lambs’ March • Manhattan Beach • The Review • King Cotton • Power and Glory: March Of The Mitten Men • The High School Cadets • The Century Of Progress • Semper Fidelis • The Crusader • ‘El Capitan’ March • The Stars And Stripes Forever

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