100 Famous Marches


$ 39.99

The works contained in this extraordinary collection of marches come from the pens of the most celebrated march masters of the world. From dazzling circus marches, to the historic tradition of military forces, the music on this collection embodies the most beloved of the extraordinary legacy of the march repertoire. Classical composers are represented with exceptional works by Czech bandmaster Julius Fucik and his Entry of the Gladiators, to the eminent British composer Edward Elgar and his glorious Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1. Also included are many of the magnificent marches which have withstood the test of time; the Strauss masterpiece Radetzky March and Beethoven's York'scher March are but two of the centerpieces on the album. Britain is well represented with marches of the remarkable Kenneth J. Alford and Sir William Walton. The tradition of excellence in the field march writing from the United States of America is maintained with several of the outstanding marches by John Philip Sousa, and equally famous composers such as Karl L. King, John Klohr, Henry Fillmore, and Edwin Franko Goldman. The combination of marvelous marches and world-class composers make this album invaluable.

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