Liberty for All, Volume 2


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Featuring live performances by the ensembles of the United States Army Band on 12 tracks, Liberty for All: Volume 2 includes impressive works by composers such as Aaron Copland, Randall Thompson, and Stephen Foster. This is an enhanced CD that can be played in your computer to access special interactive programs showing the important role music has played in the development of our nation, giving a detailed history beginning with the Westward expansion and going all the way to the Industrial Revolution! The CD-ROM introduction is narrated by President George H.W. Bush.

Liberty for All: A Musical Journey Volume 2 -- Westward Expansion-Industrial Revolution is an enhanced CD that includes musical performances, narration, interactive graphics, photos, timelines, and quizzes. The CD-ROM's six segments provide a wealth of information on the development of the United States from the presidency of Thomas Jefferson to the end of World War I. Featured narrators include former President George H. W. Bush, singer Joe Bonsall (the Oak Ridge Boys), Mrs. America 2006 Andrea Preuss, award-winning sportscaster Dick Enberg, and John Mahlmann, executive director of MENC.

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"Liberty for All is an incredible classroom resource. Performances, historical information, photos, links, all at my fingertips, help me teach about and share the wonderful music of our country. Alone or used with the downloadable teacher's guide, it interests and motivates my students. Selective use allows me to use the CD/DVD with all of my students ¢ from kindergarten level at Brownell-Talbot School in Omaha, NE, to my pre-service classroom teacher students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha."
-- Judy Hartwig, Music Instructior, Brownell-Talbot College Preparatory School, Omaha, NE

"I received the Liberty for All CD. It is great. I used it with my high school last year. Will use it with middle school general music this year. It has great sound quality and music that keeps their attention."
-- Sandra Pixley, Dulce Independent School District, Dulce, NM

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