Front and Center


$ 16.99

In this recording, The United States Air Force Concert Band, under the direction of Colonel Lowell E. Graham, presents marches that hearken from the turn of the century heyday of the band. Since the beginning of recorded history, the march has been used as a means to inspire armies to advance and conquer an enemy. However, throughout the years, marches have become more than just a militaristic music. Today, marches inspire, cheer, and speak a language that bridges nations, cultures and creeds. On Front and Center, The United States Air Force Concert Band adheres to the performance practice relative to the period in which each march was written. Pieces on the album include such important works as Bugles and Drums composed by Edwin Franko Goldman and Invictus by Karl King. The United States Air Force Concert Band plays each distinguished piece wonderfully, encouraging the listener to be present, Front and Center.

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