From Fife and Drum


$ 16.99

This album was created to celebrate the 190th Anniversary of the Marine Band in 1988. The United States Marine Band, founded by an Act of Congress on July 11, 1798, is America's oldest musical organization. The Marine Band has participated in many historic firsts, among them being the development of sound recordings. From early cylinders, to this first Marine Band recording on compact disc, musicians and historians have an impressive chronology of the organization's repertoire and performance practice. The choice of music spanning a century reflects an important facet of the Marine Band's role in performing music that honors tradition. From Fife and Drum features historic recordings from 1890, 1898, 1914, 1927, 1954, 1974, all the way to 1988. You will hear The Washington Post conducted by John Philip Sousa and played by his band in 1890, a special message from President Ronald Regan, and introduction from Paul Hume, former music critic and editor for the Washington Post.

"Overall, this is an awesome collection by the United States Marine band that grows more amazing by each track. Anyone with a love of good solid band music would be wise to invest in this disc."- Jack Kopstein

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