$ 16.99

Windscapes from The United States Air Force Academy Band is bound to leave you breathless with its beautiful use of luscious tones and harmonies and the effortless dancing of melodies throughout. Featuring classical and jazz compositions by Gustav Holst, Henry Fillmore, and the Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated Bruce Broughton, this album is a testimony to the technical capabilities of these talented musicians. They tackle the fast-paced opener Windsprints with ease and later launch into a track titled United Artists with just enough gusto to match the exciting mood of the tune. A classy trio of Jazzscapes showcases the versatility of the band, highlighting the fact that there may not be anything they cannot play! The album ends with a lively rendition of Henry Filmore's well-known circus march, The Circus Bee, closing out a wonderful album that is sure to delight the music lover in all of us.

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