Franz von Suppé: Overtures and Marches

CHSA 5110

$ 16.99

Franz von Suppé was a composer most notable for his four dozen operettas. Here are 13 of his most lively marches and overtures, digitally recorded, with many well known to today’s audiences. Includes: Overture to ‘Leichte Kavallerie’ (Light Cavalry) • Overture to ‘Boccaccio’ • Boccaccio- Marsch • Overture to ‘Pique Dame’ (The Queen of Spades) • Humoristische Variationen • Overture to ‘Dichter und Bauer’ (Poet and Peasant) • Overture to ‘Das Modell’ (The Model) • Uber Berg, uber Thal (Up Hill and Down Dale) • Overture to ‘Die schone Galathee’ (The Beautiful Galatea), and more!