The Civil War Heritage Collection


$ 29.99

This outstanding Civil War Heritage Collection includes an eighty-four page hardcover book that provides an in-depth look at the personalities and key events of the War Between the States. Then travel back in time with a collection of war memorabilia including Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the Articles of Surrender of 1865, photos, battle maps, and much more! Plus you’ll also get the two-disc set Grant vs. Lee, a clash of American titans as Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee’s forces locked horns at Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Ana, and Cold Harbor. Featuring rare photos, expert interviews, and battle re-enactments, this is the story of those forty days of devastating conflict. Also included is The Battle of Perryville DVD, a documentary that relives one of the key military engagements of the entire conflict, complete with eight thousand re-enactors. This is the perfect gift for your Civil War buff.

Total Time: Five hours on three DVDs

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