God Save the Tsar: Imperial Military Music of Russia


$ 16.99

Few moments do you have a chance to peer into history when every effort was made to erase or destroy it. After the 1917 Russian revolution anyone merely owning Russian Imperial music was sent to the harsh Siberian prisons or executed on the spot. Brandenburg has spent years researching Russian Imperial marches, building ties, and doing what they do best masterfully restoring these one of a kind historical recordings. These are the living sounds of the world of Tsar Nicholas II and his Russia, preserved and restored for the listeners and historians of the twenty-first century, played by the Imperial Band. This is actual archival music from a period of time nearly lost to history restored for your enjoyment! Includes: Preobrazhenskii Regiment March • God Save the Tsar • Chernigov Hussar Regiment March • Napoleon in Moscow • Poltava Battle • Paris Entry March 1814 • Varyag and Koreets • Russian Volunteers March, and much more. 25 songs in all with bonus detailed liner notes!

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