Extreme Steam


$ 29.98

From the 1920s to the 1950s, travel in America was dominated by now-legendary steam locomotives. Such classics as the Southern Pacific 4449 or Santa Fe’s Super Chief captivated the American spirit for luxurious travel and adventure, thundering down the rails, billowing great clouds of steam and smoke. See these classics of yesteryear, lovingly restored, and go inside the engines to witness them at work. It all takes you back to another era--when steam ruled the rails. Includes DVD 1: Extreme Steam, DVD 2: Classic North American Steam, DVD 3: Santa Fe 3751-Route of the Chiefs, DVD 4: Steam ‘98, DVD 5: Union Pacific’s Clinchfield Challenge, DVD 6: Workin’ on the Santa Fe. Thrill to 12 hours of immortal steam classics thundering down the rails once again, billowing great plumes of steam and smoke. Any rail-fan will love this!!

Total Time: 12 hours on 6 DVDs, color, Dolby Surround Sound, bonus features

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