Heroes of World War II


$ 19.99

During the darkest days of World War II when war lords unleashed their hordes upon the free world, a handful of warriors stepped forward to lead their countrymen on the last great crusade and, in victory, became legends. Now for the first time the true stories of these Heroes of World War II are told. Episodes include: Dwight Eisenhower – Supreme Commander, George S. Patton – Blood and Guts, Omar Bradley – The Soldier’s Soldier, Douglas MacArthur – The American Caesar, Henry ‘Hap’ Arnold – Father of the US Air Force, James Doolittle – The Raider, Chester W. Nimitz – The Sea Dog, George C. Marshall – The Planner, Joseph Stilwell – Vinegar Joe, Bernard Montgomery – Monty, Georgi Zhukov – Red Star Rising, and Sir Arthur Harris – The Bomber. This is the incredible story of the greatest Allied commanders of World War II.

Total Time: Eight hours on 3 DVDs; Color and B&W; bonus footage

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