Marching Cadences of the U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets


$ 16.99

These unique motivational CDs will help you march out the door for your walk, bike ride, or on the treadmill! Keep up your pace with solid sound quality and inspirational lyrics.

  1. Oh Soldier, Where Have You Been?
  2. Your Military Left
  3. Pick Up Your Weopons and Follow Me
  4. Airborne Ranger
  5. I Earned My Living as an Airborne Ranger
  6. Far Away
  7. Hey, Hey Captain Jack
  8. Bravo Company on the Go
  9. Mama, Mama Can't You See
  10. Airborne
  11. We Hear You Calling
  12. Sound Off
  13. Mama, Mama Can't You See II
  14. Oh Lord I Wanna Go Home
  15. It Won't Be Long 'Til I Get Back Home
  16. In the Early Morning Rain
  17. Far Away II
  18. Nothing in this World is Free
  19. Old King Cole
  20. Oh Soldier, Where Have You Been? II