The Long Gray Line


$ 19.99

Director John Ford delivered another classic film with , a tribute to the traditions of West Point. Actor Tyrone Power ages 50 years to play real-life West Point legend Martin Maher, the scrappy Irish immigrant who rises from “another Mick waiter” to hot-tempered cadet to one of the best-loved instructors of the institution. Power is at his best as the charming rogue with a thick brogue, who ages into a feisty, gray-haired foster father to the cadets he and his fiery Irish wife (Maureen O’Hara) adopt over the years, among them Harry Carey Jr. (as young Dwight D. Eisenhower). The Long Gray Line was first released in 1955, lushly produced in technicolor CinemaScope, now gorgeously remastered for DVD. Get this wonderful patriotic movie while you can!

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