WWII in the Pacific


$ 49.99

A gripping World War II documentary of the Pacific War. U.S. Military Combat Footage that includes Oscar-winning documentaries by legendary director John Ford. A story more compelling than any Hollywood fiction. From the pivotal Pacific battles of the war to the heroic men who made the ultimate sacrifice, WWII in the Pacific is an essential chronicle of the Pacific campaign.
DVD 1: America Taken by Surprise Military, period newsreel, and archival footage tell the in-depth story of Japan s attack on Pearl Harbor. DVD 2: Attack and Counterattack-America is plunged into war and goes on the offensive in the Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, and Tarawa. DVD 3: Victory in the Pacific-The tide of battle turns during the campaigns of Saipan, Tinian, Leyte Gulf, the Philippines, Manila, and Okinawa. DVD 4: Crucial Turning Points- Declassified documents, rare color film, and explosive battle footage depict the fifteen key battles that changed the course of the Pacific war. DVD 5: Headline Stories of the 20th Century-Here are the authentic Hearst theatrical newsreels offering a fascinating time capsule of WWII from the roots of the conflict to President Eisenhower s tribute to G.I. Joe. DVD 6: Going for Broke-The story of the Japanese-American soldiers who valiantly fought for freedom around the globe while their families faced internment at home.