Untold Secrets of the Civil War


$ 29.99

This collection brings to life forgotten stories of the Civil War from both sides of the conflict. How did Union generals capture General Robert E. Lee’s battle plans just before Antietam? Which Confederate victories delayed the Emancipation Proclamation? What factors turned the tides of the battle at Gettysburg? These and other secrets of the Civil War are examined in this dramatic and comprehensive collection featuring sweeping battle reenactments and historical experts. Includes DVD 1: Civil War Minutes (Union), DVD 2: Civil War Minutes (Confederates), DVD 3: Gettysburg and Stories of Valor, DVD 4: Civil War Life, DVD 5: Horses of Gettysburg, DVD 6: Lincoln and Lee at Antietam. This epic 18-hour program provides clues and evidence to some of the biggest mysteries of the Civil War, including never-before-seen photographs, letters, artifacts, and so much more! If you’re a Civil War buff, get this!

Total Time: Over 18 hours on 6 DVDs, color, Dolby Surround Sound, bonus features

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