Historic Tanks & Battles of WWII 3-DVD Set


$ 19.99

Through the use of rare archive film, 3-D graphics, and unique insights from leading authorities on armored warfare, Historic Tanks & Battles of WWII examines the evolution of the tank, as well as the variety of its incarnations. This three-disc set takes an in-depth look at several tanks developed both prior to and during WWII, from Germany’s Steel Tigers, to Britain’s Churchill Tanks, Russia’s T-34 to the United States Sherman Tank. Additionally, this set spotlights three battles that established the tank as major components for both sides of WWII: The Battle of Kursk, the Battle of Normandy, and the Ardennes Offensive. This will be a welcome addition to any history fan’s library.

Total Time: Seven hours, twenty-three minutes on three DVD's

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