U.S. Marines: Bloodiest Battles


$ 19.99

Digitally remastered war films! State-of-the-art technology was used to digitally remaster and create pristine transfers from the original source materials in order to give you the highest quality war films available anywhere in this 4-DVD boxed set from the National Archives. Films include: With the Marines at Tarawa (1944), The Battle for the Marianas (1944), Fury in the Pacific (1945), Solomon Islands (1945), Appointment in Tokyo (1945), Operation Inchon (1951), One Year in Korea (1951), The Marines in Korea (1953), Report on Marine Activities 66 (1966), A Day in Vietnam (1967), The Battle of Khe Sanh (1969).

Total Time: Five hours 5 minutes on 4 DVDs; b&w and color

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