Ronald Reagan: An American Legend


$ 19.99

This DVD is a fascinating look at the beloved life and political career of our charismatic 40th president, Ronald Reagan. You’ll learn about the life of Ronald Reagan as told primarily by his children, along with some never before seen excerpts from his many interviews conducted by Barbara Walters. Also included is the “Reagan Letters,” a look at Reagan through some of the thousands of letters he wrote over his lifetime. Letters to farmers, letters to Vietnam vets, letters to foreign leaders -- most written in longhand on yellow legal pads -- show a different side of the man who was called “The Great Communicator.” This excellent documentary also includes exclusive coverage from the Reagan memorial ceremonies and funeral services on June 11, 2004. This is a keepsake DVD to be enjoyed again and again.

Total Time: 2 hours 36 minutes on 1 DVD; Color; Full Screen; Bonus Features

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