Big Bertha, Vol. 1: The Best of Paul Eakins' World Famous Carousel Organ


$ 15.99

Sit back and get prepared to journey back in time to a more care free time of your life. Let “Big Bertha,” the world’s most famous Carousel Organ, take you back to your childhood days of visiting the carnival. “Big Bertha” is a Limonaire Organ made in France in the late 1800’s, and now resides at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. She performs with three hundred sixty-nine pipes, a bass drum, a snare drum, two bells, tympani, double castanets, cymbals, a triangle, and a set of 18 bells. Bring back the beauty and nostalgia of bygone days with 21 powerful tracks such as Royal Trumpeters, Vienna Blood, Ben Hur Chariot Race, Liberty Bell, and more!