WWII: The Complete Story


$ 39.99

With the use of extensive and rare archive footage, experience the full story of WWII: The Complete Story movie. From the Battle of Britain to the attack on Pearl Harbor to the bloody conflict in the Pacific, this incredible collection provides a complete review of the war that claimed the lives of over 60 million people WWII: The Complete Story video.

Disc 1: Stumble To War/The End of the Illusion/The War That Wasn’t/A Kind of Victory

Disc 2: Time of Legend/The World Holds Its Breath/Day of Infamy/Six Months to Run Wild

Disc 3: The End of the Beginning & The Beginning of the End/Operation Overlord: D-Day

Disc 4: Unconditional Surrender/We Shall Never Forget WWII: The Complete Story film

This excellent collection of WWII documentaries touches on numerous aspects of the war.

Total Time: Eleven hours on four DVDs

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