Saor Patrol: Battle of Kings

ARCM 2788

$ 19.98

‘Battle of Kings’ is the mighty new album from Scottish Celtic Rock band, Saor Patrol. It focuses on Scotland’s wars of independence during the reign of Robert the Bruce from 1306-1329 fighting against the English kings, Edward I and later, Edward II. Saor Patrol have written and produced a rousing album that rocks its way through history with driving triple drums, electric guitars and bagpipes. The scratched unicorn and lion rampant on the cover of ‘Battle of Kings’ are powerful reminders of losses incurred in the historical struggle for Scottish independence. The unicorn traditionally represents Scotland and the lion is a heraldic symbol for England. Robert the Bruce won Scottish independence during his reign but it was a long and bloody battle. King Edward I of England, aka Edward Longshanks because of his height, was at war for most of his reign (1272-1307) with Wales, France and then Scotland.   Five hundred years later, Saor Patrol have written and produced an entire album dedicated to the fight for Scottish independence.  As band leader and bagpiper, Charlie Allan says,

“The inspiration for this album comes from King Robert the Bruce, his struggle to become king and his fight for freedom for the Scots against the tyranny of the English oppressor Edward Longshanks. Hence the title Battle of Kings!”