Songs of the U.S. Armed Forces


$ 16.98

This 19-track album includes the most patriotic songs in the history of America’s
Armed Forces. Whether you need background music for welcoming home a soldier, a
soundtrack for your 4th of July cookout, or just an album to make you feel the pride
of being an American, look no further. Featured tracks include military themes like
“Anchors Aweigh,” and “Marines Hymn,” as well as other classics like “Battle Hymn of
the Republic,” “This Land is Your Land,” “When Johnny Comes Marching Home,” and of
course, “The Star Spangled Banner.”
Total Time: 1 hour
Everglades to the majestic peaks of Yosemite, from the deserts of Saguaro to the frigid
Gates of the Arctic, and from the biggest gorge on earth, the Grand Canyon to the mystical
Smokey Mountains, this National Geographic series takes the viewer on a journey through
all of America’s National Parks. Discover what happens behind the public lookouts with this
3-DVD set containing over six hours of footage.
Total Time: Over 6 hours
Scottish National Orchestra in this festive program of works by John Philip Sousa, “The
March King”. This follows the spectacular recording of works by Julius Fu?ík, made by
Neeme Järvi, Kristjan’s father. Including such famous pieces as “The Stars and Stripes
Forever”, “Semper Fidelis”, and “The Liberty Bell” this album is a celebration in its own
right, enhanced by brightly colored sound captured in high-quality surround-sound.
Total Time: 1 hour 8 minutes

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