The Heritage of John Philip Sousa Collection 18-CD Set


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The Heritage of John Philip Sousa Volumes 1 - 9 Box Set

* 18 CDs
* Over 195 tracks
* Over 140 pages of liner notes

Altissimo is proud to present The Heritage of John Philip Sousa from the Robert Hoe Collection! These recordings have not been available to the public, and thus over the years, The Heritage of John Philip Sousa became known as the single most respected collection of Sousa recordings. Now, for the first time ever, you can own these rare recordings from the one and only March King. They are presented as nine two-disc volumes digitally re-mastered from vinyl for optimal sound quality. Included are full liner notes taken from the vinyl complete with stories, biographies, historic pictures and photos, and descriptions of each piece. Along with his popular, well-known marches, this collection also features Sousa's other great works such as waltzes, suites, operettas, tone poems, and fantasies that are often neglected.

To collectors of any genre there is always some Holy Grail or treasure that when found makes collecting worthwhile. For military march collectors, one of these "treasures" is the legendary 18 LP series "The Heritage of John Philip Sousa" issued by the U.S. Marine Band. These recordings made almost 40 years ago, still have the sparkle and spirit of Sousa as only the U.S. Marine Band can play them. The Marines seem to try extra hard to perfect a Sousa piece and we are the better for that. A bonus with the CD's is the notes on each piece written by leading Sousa authority, Paul Bierley. 

-Barbu Alim, Chairman, U.S. Branch, International Military Music Society

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