Jack's Musings: The Music of the Inauguration March 17 2009, 1 Comment

MUSINGS Jack  Kopstein With great pleasure we present the music for the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama. It is an honor for Altissimo Recordings to have the opportunity to present this list of the Inaugural Prelude and the Inaugural Ceremony performed by the PRESIDENTS OWN United States Marine band under the direction of Colonel Michael J Colburn. Also featured was the United States Army Herald Trumpets. We are indebted to Staff Sgt Peter Rust USMC Public Affairs Specialist The Presidents Own United States Marine Band for kindly providing the information. 44th PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURAL Tuesday, January 20, 2009 U.S. Capitol, West Terrace Colonel Michael J. Colburn, conducting _________________________________ Inaugural Prelude anonymous Washington’s Grand March (1784) arranged by Richard Franko Goldman Alexander Reinagle Jefferson’s March (1805) arranged by Roger Smith Francis Scala* President Lincoln’s Inaugural March (The Union March) (1861) edited by MSgt Donald Patterson* William Schuman Chester Overture John Philip Sousa* March, “Washington Post” John Philip Sousa* March, “Solid Men to the Front” setting by Frank Ticheli “Amazing Grace” John Philip Sousa* March, “The Rifle Regiment” arranged by MSgt Stephen Bulla* Shaker Song and Hymn (“Simple Gifts”) John Philip Sousa* March, “The Invincible Eagle” John Philip Sousa* March, “The Gridiron Club” Samuel Augustus Ward “America, the Beautiful” arranged by Carmen Dragon John Philip Sousa* March, “The Bride Elect” John Philip Sousa* March, “The High School Cadets” E. E. Bagley March on the Colors, Trio of “National Emblem” John Philip Sousa* March, “El Capitan” Fanfare by The Army Herald Trumpets Colonel Michael J. Colburn, Director *Member, U.S. Marine Band John Philip Sousa* March, “The Glory of the Yankee Navy” Fanfare by The Army Herald Trumpets Edwin Franko Goldman March, “The Chimes of Liberty” Fanfare by The Army Herald Trumpets Ralph Vaughan Williams March, “Seventeen Come Sunday” from English Folk Song Suite John Philip Sousa* March, “Daughters of Texas” John Philip Sousa* March, ‘The Fairest of the Fair” Four Ruffles and Flourishes (The Army Herald Trumpets) James Sanderson “Hail to the Chief” (Marine Band) Fanfare by The Army Herald Trumpets Jaromir Weinberger “Homage to the Pioneers” Fanfare by The Army Herald Trumpets George Drumm “Hail, America!” arranged by Tom Clark Inaugural Ceremony Four Ruffles and Flourishes (The Army Herald Trumpets) “Hail Columbia” (Marine Band) Four Ruffles and Flourishes (The Army Herald Trumpets) James Sanderson “Hail to the Chief” (Marine Band) John Stafford Smith The National Anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner” words by Francis Scott Key The U.S. Navy Sea Chanters perform a cappella John Philip Sousa* March, “The Stars and Stripes Forever” E. E. Bagley Retire the Colors, Trio of “National Emblem” *Member, U.S. Marine Band Many of the Sousa marches are well known to audiences across America and around the world as performed by THE PRESIDENTS OWN United States Marine Band. The earlier works such as Washington’s Grand march and Jefferson’s march are obscure. The list below is a sampling of historical background on the music performed and the composer arranger. Title: Washington’s Grand March 1784 Composer: Arranged by Richard Franko Goldman Background: First Published by Firth and Hall New York Music Publishers Title: Jefferson’s March-1805 Composer: Alexander Reinagle –arranged by Roger Smith Background: This march came from a larger collection of dance and cotillions published by G Willig of Philadelphia. Title: President Lincoln’s Inaugural march (The Union March) 1861 Composer: Francis Scala edited by MSgt Donald Patterson Background: Francis Scala was the Leader of the United States Marine band from 1855 to 1871.He also composed President Grants Inauguration march. Title: Chester Overture Composer: William Schuman Background: This overture is based on the William Billings Hymn and American Marching song of the American Revolution. Title: March Solid Men to the Front 1918 Composer: John Philip Sousa Background: A hard hitting march from WW1. It is considered to be one of Sousa’s finest. Title: Amazing Grace Composer:  Setting By Frank Ticheli Background:  The lyrics of the music were written by John Newton and the music may have had Scottish or Irish origins and first appeared as a hymn NEW BRITAIN 1829. Title: March The Rifle Regiment 11886 Composer: John Philip Sousa Background: Very popular march written for the 3rd  United States Infantry Fort Meyer Virginia Title: Shaker Song and Hymn Simple Gifts Composer:  Arranged by MSgt Stephen Bulla Background: The lyrics and music of this Shaker dance song were written in 1848 by Elder Joseph Brackett at the Shaker community in Alfred, Maine. It has  become a popular American folk tune. Title: March The Invincible Eagle Composer:John Philip Sousa Background: A sterling March written in 1901 as a dedication to the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo NY. Title:  March The Gridiron Club 1928 Composer: John Philip Sousa Background: Dedicated to the Gridiron Club whom are Editors , writers and correspondents an gather each year to “roast” a government official Title: March The Bride Elect-1897 Composer: John Philip Sousa Background: This march is from the opera by the same name. Title: March National Emblem 1906 Composer: EE Bagley Background: This march is one of America’s best loved and most popular marches-The Star Spangled Banner can be heard in the Trio Title: March Chimes of Liberty 1922 Composer: Edwin Franko Goldman Background: Goldman demonstrated both his undying patriotism and his enormous march writing ability Title:  March Seventeen Come Sunday 1924 Composer: Ralph Vaughan Williams Background: RV Williams is one of Britain’s most respected composers and his work to write music for military band inspired many other composers to follow suit Title: Homage to The Pioneers Composer: Jaromir Weinberger Background: This concert march was written in 1940 and was written for concert band Title: Hail America Composer: George Drumm  arranged Tom Clark Background:George Drumm of Erdesbach, Germany is the  composer of the White House Hymn, Hail America. He came to America in 1904.