Community Band Spotlight April 2009: Capitol Sounds Concert Band April 14 2009, 2 Comments

ALTISSIMO! RECORDINGS COMMUNITY BAND SPOTLIGHT NEWSLETTER APRIL 2009 CAPITOL SOUNDS CONCERT BAND Welcome to April's Community Band Spotlight! For the past few months we've been looking at community bands across America to showcase those that are really trying to give back to the community they are a part of. This month we’re presenting the Capitol Sounds Concert Band from Montgomery, AL. Originally named the Montgomery Community Band, the Capitol Sounds Concert Band of Montgomery, AL, was created in 1972 by a small circle of former high school and collegiate musicians who wanted to get back into playing their instruments in a group setting. After steadily growing in size over the years, the band voted to rename itself the Capitol Sounds Concert Band in 2000, a fitting reference to its hometown. The band provides musicians with the change to gain a challenging and rewarding experience by playing in a quality concert band setting, furthering their own talent while sharing it with others in the community. The Capitol Sounds have between 50 and 65 members at every performance ranging from college-age to senior adults. Veterans Day is one of the annual performances of the Capitol Sounds, and many of the older members served in the military and played in the bands and ensembles. What better way to celebrate the service of its members than to take part in national celebrations for the country they selflessly served! Other annual performances include Memorial Day for the local Veterans Hospital, and, of course, they play the big Independence Day celebration when they get to perform all the patriotic crowd favorites. While patriotic music is a staple at such national celebrations, the Capitol Sounds enjoy playing all types of music, including jazz like the Glenn Miller favorite “In the Mood,” classical, concert, and more. The conductor is in charge of selecting music, and Conductor John Jackson (2003-present) is open to requests and suggestions. Jackson has been involved in music since childhood and continued his studies through college where he majored in music. In addition to his duties as band conductor, Jackson is also the band and music director for the city of Montgomery Parks and Recreation. We at Altissimo! think the promotion of music is a very important thing, as is a continued education past high school. Something we thought was cool about the Capitol Sounds is a program they’re getting ready to start for high school seniors – a soloist competition where the prize is scholarship money for college! Also, the winner of the competition will have the opportunity to perform with the band and have a solo during the performance. The Capitol Sounds interest in allowing dedicated musicians the chance to further themselves through a college education is a very honorable mission, and we salute them for this effort. If you would like to see the Capitol Sounds in concert, they have an upcoming concert on May 14 in Wesley Hall at Frazer Memorial United Methodist. Details of their concert schedule can be found at their website here. *Special thanks to John Jackson for being a great sport and taking the time to answer our questions! **If you know of a band that should be our next Community Band Spotlight, please email your suggestion to Krista at