The 1st Co GFG Band September 08 2010, 2 Comments

The 1st Co GFG BAND 1st Company Governor’s Foot Guards Contributed by Jack Kopstein When the General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut passed the resolution in 1771, which formed the First Company Governor's Foot Guard, no mention was specifically made of a band of musicians, although a petition by commandant Captain Samuel Wyllys in the Company's first year of operation sought reimbursement for monies spent on fifes and drums.  Thus, it is clear that music has always been part of the Foot Guard.  It was not until 1904 however, that the First Company formed its own permanent band with its members a part of the rank and file of the Foot Guard. Today, band members are enlisted personnel of the Company, full members of the First Company and of the State Organized Militia, who train and drill side by side with the Foot Guard's infantry unit. Since 1904, the band has marched parades and performed concerts at many prestigious events, adding the color, ceremony, and precision associated with rich military tradition. In 1907, the newly-formed band performed a concert at  a special ceremony held at Gettysburg, and in 1908, Foot Guard Bandmaster Francis Sutherland performed as guest cornet soloist with John Philip Sousa's band when they performed at the Foot Guard's Armory on High Street in Hartford. Through the years, the band has represented the State of Connecticut in several Presidential  inaugurations, at the New England Governors' Conference, and in escort duties for foreign dignitaries and European royalty. Led by Captain David Carlson, today's band performs many concerts, parades, ceremonies, and special events throughout the Northeast. The band also participates frequently in joint concerts with college and public school bands throughout Connecticut. Recent memorable band performances include the launching and commissioning of the submarine USS Hartford; the 350th Anniversary celebration of York, Pennsylvania; annual appearances at Hartford's Riverfest; the "Convergence" parade at Lincoln Center in New York, the 225th birthday of Connecticut's Old State House and July 4th parades in Philadelphia and Washington DC, and its Centennial Concert at the Bushnell Memorial's Belding Theater. Of course, every four years the Band participates in the Governor's Inauguration Day ceremonies as the First Company Governor's Foot Guard upholds its chartered duties and commitment to the Governor and the State of Connecticut. For more information, please visit the band's website at