Jack Kopstein Bio June 21 2012, 0 Comments

Jack Kopstein is a Canadian musician and writer. After 35 years of service as a musician and conductor in the Canadian Forces, he has become a tireless historian, writer and promoter of bands and military music in Canada and around the world.

Jack Kopstein was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1934. He began clarinet studies at age 8, and studied clarinet and saxophone at the Teal Studios and Wayne University in Detroit. He was selected for the Ford Motor Company Band in Windsor, and in 1953 he joined the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve. He attended summer camps and was selected in audition for the Royal Canadian Regiment Band in 1958. He played clarinet with the London (Ontario) Symphony and the London Chamber Orchestra. In 1970, he was selected for bandmaster training at the Canadian Forces School of Music and graduated in 1971. By 1974, he was posted to the Canadian Forces Central Band in Ottawa, and in 1979 became the Assistant Director of Music. In 1981, he was the leader for the arrival of several Heads of State. He held similar posts with the PPCLI Band in Calgary, and the Vimy Band in Kingston. Kopstein retired from the military in 1988. His march With Equal Pace is the Special Services March for Base Gagetown NB. He is the site administrator for the Heritage of Military Bands of the World and the editor of World Book of Military Music.  He has written numerous articles on military bands in Canada and around the world . He is a contributor to articles for Altissimo Recordings and has co-authored two books on the history of military music in Canada. He presently lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia and continues to perform on clarinet in various musical groups.

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