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The Guam Territorial Band The Official Band of the U.S. Territory of Guam

Contributed By: Jack Kopstein

Bio written by Maximo Ronquillo, Jr.

In 1976, and probably even years prior, the Governor's Youth Band, was organized as a marching band to perform for the inauguration of President Jimmy Carter in 1977.  Since then, the band has been an active part of musical life on Guam providing a service to the community.  The Guam Territorial Band, as it is now known, is the Official Band of Guam.

The Band is continuing its service to the People of Guam.  Graduations, Military Change of Commands, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Military Birthday Balls, Opening Ceremonies, Official Visits, and Village Fiestas are among the many venues the band has served over the years.  Additionally, the band performs an anniversary concert in November and several public concerts during the summer and Christmas season – many of them free and open to the public. The Band has had the distinct honor of performing for many heads of state and elected officials to include: 1986 -- President Ronald Regan 1997 – President Kuniwo Nakamura, Republic of Palau 1998 – President William Jefferson Clinton 2002 – President Fidel Ramos, Republic of the Philippines 2012 – Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court of the United States The Band also serves as an educational outreach for those who desire more than what their school band programs provide.  The Band has become a second home to many of the youth members through the years and has served as an anchor for those who experience the trials of teenage and college life. The membership of the Band spans a vast age range from early adolescence through senior citizens.  Each fall, an audition is held to maintain the high quality of musicianship.  New members are welcome at anytime through the year. OFFICIAL TOURS Washington D. C. – 1977, *2013 CNMI – c. 1980 Australia – 1993, 2005, *2014 New Zealand – 1993 South Korea – 1995 The Republic of Palau – 1997 The United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland) – 1998 Yaizu City, Japan – 1999 New York City – 2007, 2012 Toronto – 2007 Beijing & Shanghai - 2008 Elizabeth City, North Carolina – 2012 *Upcoming Planned Tours HONORS AND AWARDS 1998 – 2nd Place – Marching Unit Category Lions Parade (UK) 2003 – Ambassadors-At-Large for Guam 2005 – Gold Award – Sydney Opera House 2007 – Silver Award – Carnegie Hall 2008 – Guam Delegation – Beijing Olympic Band 2012 – Showcase Ensemble – Carnegie Hall Visit the band's website. * Biography of the band taken from the Guam Territorial Band's website.