International Military Music Society USA January 15 2013, 0 Comments

Steve Rosenstein The International Military Music Society is an organization for people who are interested in military bands, their music and history.  The aims of the society are to encourage interest in all aspects of military, brass, concert, symphonic, percussion and wind ensembles of the world.  The society has branches and members in 38 different countries.  Their interests include history, uniforms, instrumentation, repertoire, recordings, military tattoos and other special projects involving military bands around the world. The U.S.A. Branch is one of the largest in the organization, earning it a place on the International Committee.  The branch is focused on the history and activities of bands in the U.S. military, as well as other non-military and concert bands.  The branch was formed by followers of Bob Hoe, producer of the Heritage of the March collection and one of the biggest supporters of U.S. and international military music. Officers in the branch are President; Roger E. Kennedy, Vice-President; Col. William E. Clark, USA (ret), International Vice-President; Capt. Kenneth Force, USMMS, Secretary; Capt. Howard S. Browne, USN (ret) and Chairman; Steve Rosenstein Members of the branch include former and current military band musicians and directors, music educators, civilian musicians and band directors, military historians and people who are simply fans of military music.  IMMS members also belong to other, similar, organizations such as The Association of Concert Bands, Windjammers , The American Bandmasters Association and various military history organizations. IMMS members receive 3 issues of RVS/ The Journal of American Military Music each year along with three issues of the IMMS International publication Band International.  Both publications include stories and photos of band activities along with articles on the history of military music.  Dues for the U.S.A. Branch, which is open to citizens or residents of the U.S., are $35 per year and includes the magazine subscriptions as well as other available events and benefits.  Membership forms are available on the branch web site , by email at or by calling (931) 742-0151.